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Haha, is there any limit to how many enemies can spawn? It was pretty fun having so many of these little creatures partying around everytime I found a new core.

It depends on the version, but somewhere in the neighborhood of two or three hundred enemies can spawn before the spawners wait for more space :)


i cant find the 6th cores, where it is? its my gameplay below :D

Thanks so much for playing, and thanks very much for posting your gameplay! It's very helpful for me to see how players pick things up and interact with the game :D I'm very impressed at how quickly you figured out that shooting downwards lets you jump higher, I wasn't expecting anyone to pick up on that over the course of a single playthrough

Spoiler alert! To reach core #3 (the only core you didn't find) you start at core #5 (which gives you the slowing towers) and head left. There's a set of platforms you have to jump across that eventually lead to a tunnel going upwards. You were very close to finding it a few times in your gameplay video. Good luck, and thanks again for playing!

yeah its my first gameplay and i figured it when the character in the air and i keep shooting right and i go left faster :D will have another try of crux. Just ask me if you need help of some of your game!

There'll be another release in the next few days (before ldjam results) with bigger / new areas and some art improvements if you want to hold off for a bit :)


will wait for it :D